FINALLY! Reynolds Consumer Products Debuts Plastic Wrap to Solve Kitchen Struggles April 16, 2018

FINALLY! Reynolds Consumer Products Debuts  Plastic Wrap to Solve Kitchen Struggles

New Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap wins so big,
it gets its own victory song composed by Jeff Russo

LAKE FOREST, Ill., April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sixty-four percent of consumers use plastic wrap at least once a week*, but more than half are frustrated with the experience. Known for uneven tears, unusable sheets and sharp teeth cutters, plastic wrap's bad reputation precedes it. Today, Reynolds Consumer Products is eliminating plastic wrap frustration for good with new Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap.

Why do 3 out of 4 people choose Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap over the competition? From beginning to end of use, this product is frustration-free thanks to its innovative features:

  • Built-in slide cutter ensures a clean cut, every time
  • Starter edge™ makes it easy to find the start of the roll
  • Each roll is automatically held in place to keep it from jumping out of the package during dispensing
  • Long-lasting tight seal keeps food fresh

The ease of using the product's built-in slide cutter to dispense a clean cut every time is worthy of a victory song. So Reynolds tapped Emmy-award-winning composer Jeff Russo to write one. Cue the fireworks.

"When we found out how many people were unhappy with their plastic wrap experience, we knew we had to find a solution," said Danielle Chandler, senior marketing director at Reynolds Consumer Products. "At Reynolds Kitchens, we think our latest innovation is a win worth celebrating in a big way … and what better way to celebrate than with the world's shortest victory song?"

Fans can hear the custom-composed victory song across all digital and Reynolds KITCHENS® social channels beginning in April. 

Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap (MSRP: $3.99 for a 225 square ft. roll) will be available nationally across mass, grocery and online retailers beginning in April.

Visit for specific product availability both online and locally via the "Buy Now" tool.

* Cambridge Group Demand Landscape 2016

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