How2Compost Packaging Label Standard Launches November 30, 2016

How2Compost Packaging Label Standard Launches

New Labels Provide Information on Product and Package Composting

Lake Forest, Ill., – November 30, 2016 – Reynolds Consumer Products is pleased to be a partner in a new labeling standard called “How2Compost” that provides composting information directly on the labels of compostable products. Packaging with the How2Compost label will tell you if it's compostable in industrial composting facilities, where they exist. Some packages with the How2Compost label could even be compostable in backyards. Alongside the label, How2Compost is also working with industry stakeholders to expand and improve composting infrastructure in the United States.

The How2Compost label was developed by Sustainable Packaging Coalition in conjunction with the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), the leading compostable packaging certification program. Every package featuring How2Compost label is either certified compostable by BPI, or contains a certified product so consumers can trust that it has gone through required testing and is third-party verified in accordance with standards related to industrial composting facilities.

Along with Eco-Products, Reynolds Consumer Products is one of the first members of the program and will be using the How2Compost label on selected Hefty® disposable tableware products.

“Reynolds has been a proud member of How2Recycle and we are excited to join How2Compost. We hope that clarifying how our products and packaging can be recovered will encourage our consumers to participate in recycling and composting programs in their communities,” said Jessica Weninger, Senior Manager of Innovation & Sustainability, Reynolds Consumer Products. “We will be using the How2Compost label on our Hefty microwavable paper plates, and look forward to adding more compostable products in the future.”

Companies can choose to become a member of How2Compost in order to feature the label on their BPI-certified packaging, to provide additional consumer clarity on the compostability of the various packaging components and related products. How2Compost is an extension of the successful How2Recycle program. The How2Recycle and How2Compost labels are a next-generation labeling system that brings harmonization and precision to recovery claims on packaging and is designed in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidance over environmental marketing claims.

How2Compost can be used seamlessly next to the How2Recycle label on packaging, for instances where a package can either be recycled or composted, or has some components that are compostable and some that are recyclable.

To learn more, visit the How2Compost and How2Recycle websites.