We operate with respect for the environment. We are proud that our waste bags directly aid litter control, prevention, and clean-up efforts.

We are proud members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition® (SPC), an industry working group dedicated to a more robust environmental vision for packaging.

We offer products with recycled materials, including Reynolds Wrap® foil from 100% recycled materials, from a mix of pre- and post-consumer aluminum.

The Hefty® EnergyBag® Program is a groundbreaking initiative that collects previously non-recycled plastics - like the candy wrappers and juice pouches you've always thrown away - at curbside and converts them into valuable resources. See for complete information. In addition, Hefty offers Renew® trash bags, made from 54% recycled plastic; clear recycling bags, and compostable trash bags. We work with retailers to carry the assortment that aligns with local recycling and composting practices.

We adhere to all air, water, and power regulations in the communities we operate. In addition, we continuously work to reduce our consumption of raw materials and energy in producing our products, including reducing or recycling scrap generated during our production processes. We offer recycling in our facilities as available in each community for office and foodservice waste.

We continuously review our supply chain to optimize the number of trucks and fuel needed for our products to be shipped to customers. For example, we seek to ship full trucks, and seek to ship from our closest production facility whenever possible. For some product lines, we developed, tested, and implemented carton-less pallet packaging, replacing cardboard with a thin polymer wrap; which reduces both materials and energy to ship the product.



To encourage recycling, we are a leader in implementing the How2Recycle™ Label, which is a voluntary standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. Standardized instructions are provided for both the product itself and recycling instructions for packaging on all of our Hefty® and Reynolds® brand products.

We understand that the ability to recycle is also dependent on the availability of collection and processing facilities in each community. We believe that use of disposable products is an individual choice. In making this decision, many take into consideration the “total carbon footprint” or environmental impact of non-renewable energy used to harvest, process, and transport renewable materials. Others consider the impact of labor, water, and energy in washing permanent products. Understanding that most U.S. communities currently use landfills to dispose of waste, our aluminum and plastic products are inert in a landfill and do not leach into ground water or contribute to methane gas.