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Reynolds Wrap® Launches “Turkey Dogs” Two American Passions Combined!

Reynolds Wrap is doubling down on a distinctly American holiday with recipes that combine the classic Thanksgiving turkey with another unexpected but iconic national food treasure: the hot dog. This year’s Reynolds Wrap Turkey Dogs are inspired by classic – and hotly debated –  hot dog styles and toppings:

  • The Chicago-Style Turkey Dog is a mustard-lover’s dream. This turkey gets its unique yellow color after being rubbed with a combination of celery salt and ground mustard and glazed in yellow mustard. Cooked under a tent of sturdy Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil, the finished bird is basted in a fresh coat of the mustard glaze before being served over a bed of pickle spears, chopped onions, sport peppers and tomato slices. Hold the ketchup.

  • The New York-Style Turkey Dog packs some serious flavor with a zesty onion powder rub. This recipe is for the ketchup fans, with a bright-red glaze made from the classic condiment. Cook to perfection with Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil and top with sauerkraut, homemade onion sauce and spicy brown mustard for a New York touch.

  • The Chili Cheese Turkey Dog takes its inspiration from one of the nation’s most indulgent hot dog styles. Coat the bird in a chili powder rub that’s full of flavor and bold spices and wrap it in Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil for an evenly cooked and juicy turkey. Top the finished bird with shredded cheese, onions and sliced jalapeños for that classic chili cheese dog flavor.

Whether you prefer the mustard-smothered Chicago-style, New York’s sauerkraut-and-onion flavor or  the mouthwatering chili cheese dog, there’s an indulgent Turkey Dog for every guest at the table this Thanksgiving.

“At Reynolds Wrap, we know that people are just as passionate about how they enjoy their hot dogs as they are about their classic Thanksgiving turkey,” said Emanuel De Luca, Senior Brand Manager, Reynolds Consumer Products. “So we’re making this Thanksgiving the most fun yet by tapping into this passion with three Turkey Dog recipes that are sure to inspire debates as intense as whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich.”

No matter which Turkey Dog you make this Thanksgiving, look no further than Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil as the sturdy cooking companion for easy prep, easy cook and easy cleanup so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time debating which Turkey Dog is best.

For more information on the Reynolds Wrap Turkey Dogs, including how to make your own this Thanksgiving, visit

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