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Reynolds Wrap Hot Hams

Reynolds Wrap® Releases “Hot Ham” Recipes For Easter!

Reynolds Wrap is bringing the heat to your spring holiday spread. This year, Reynolds Wrap is turning your traditional Easter ham recipe from nice and sweet to spice and heat with Hot Hams.  

Inspired by America’s love of adding an extra kick to their favorite foods, Reynolds Wrap® introduces Hot Hams recipes for Easter – try glazed Hot Honey Ham, spicy and tangy Buffalo Ham or hot and peppery Habanero Chipotle Ham!

These adventurous new recipes include perfectly glazed Hot Honey Ham, spicy and tangy Buffalo Ham and hot and peppery Habanero Chipotle Ham all baked to perfection with help from Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil.  

  • The Hot Honey Ham is a super-charged honey glaze with a spicy twist. Sprinkled with a kick of red pepper flakes and topped with candied jalapenos, prepare your taste buds for a celebration to remember. 
  • The Buffalo Ham serves up a hot and tangy centerpiece to your celebration that is sure to make you break a sweat. Decorative (and delicious!) celery and bleu cheese top this buffalo slathered, succulent ham. 
  • The Habanero Chipotle Ham spotlights the small but mighty habanero, which packs a piquant punch alongside the smoky flavors of roasted chipotle peppers. Try this high-voltage ham if you dare! 

Reynolds Wrap is no stranger to raising the bar when it comes to creating spring holiday recipes. Last year the brand satisfied sweet tooth’s across the country with Easter Candied Hams, now Reynolds Wrap is taking spice to new heights with three new unique recipes.  

“While ham is an Easter essential, we wanted to challenge brave foodies and spice lovers to put a fun, fiery twist on this classic holiday gathering staple,” said Lisa Giardina, senior brand manager, Reynolds Consumer Products. “With Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil as the durable cooking companion you can depend on, families and friends can make these hams with easy prep, cook and clean up.” 

For more information on the Reynolds Wrap Hot Hams, including how to make your own this spring, visit ReynoldsBrands.com

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