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Hefty® Helps Subtly Secure Leftovers with New Snack Scarf

'Tis the season for festive parties, and while the best part of the night is filling up on delicious appetizers, dinners, and desserts, the worst part is having to leave your favorite foods behind. To make sure you don't leave empty-handed, this year, Hefty® is unveiling the Snack Scarf: a scarf you can fill with your favorite party leftovers on the sly thanks to hidden pockets with Hefty® slider storage bags.

Hefty is keeping you warm and helping to keep your leftovers fresh with the new Snack Scarf
While we'd all like to take home our favorite snacks from our holiday parties, it can be awkward to ask the host for a leftover bag or fumble with a to-go container. Enter the Hefty Snack Scarf: keeps you warm and helps keep your food fresh!  

This December 21st at 10am EST, you can visit HeftySnackScarf.com to purchase your own limited-edition Hefty® Snack Scarf. With the Snack Scarf, party guests everywhere can be protected from the blustery winter air while also stocking up on their favorite treats to keep the party going long after they've said good night to their hosts.

No matter the occasion, you can surreptitiously fill your scarf with your favorite party foods to take home, and the extra-secure slider seal will preserve the freshness and flavor—just listen for the Clicks Closed™ sound to know that your slider storage bag is sealed and your food secured! 

"We know the end of the year is prime party time, but these gatherings aren't always conducive to sharing leftovers with family and friends," said Brian Lutz, Senior Brand Manager at Reynolds Consumer Products. "This year, we wanted to make sure that people could enjoy their favorite foods both at their parties and later at home with the Hefty® Snack Scarf!"

The Hefty® Snack Scarf is available in two sizes: quart and gallon. The Quart Snack Scarf is a classic-sized scarf with a hidden Hefty® quart slider storage bag for stowing away small bites like wings and sliders. The Gallon Scarf is a blanket style scarf with a gallon storage slider bag embedded in a hidden pocket…perfect for stocking up on everything from the main course to the unfinished dessert tray!

Each scarf is available for $2.78—the same price as a box of Hefty® slider storage bags—in a stylish plaid design, and each will come with a box of slider storage bags. These bags are strong and durable enough to hold even the heaviest foods, and with their extra strong seal, you know your food will stay nice and fresh…even when it's inside your Snack Scarf.

The Hefty® Snack Scarf will be available starting this December 21st on a first come first served basis. There are limited quantities available, so hurry to get your own before they are all gone!

For more information, and to purchase the Hefty® Snack Scarf, visit HeftySnackScarf.com. You can also visit us at Hefty.com, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Hefty, Hefty, Hefty! 

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